Upgrade Instruction for Pixy SM/Pixy SM LR1 bundle/Pixy MR to work with M350

Apply for the Pixy SM unit before 25, 2024. If you purchase Pixy SM/Pixy SM LR1 bundle/Pixy MR After this period, you don’t need to do.

1. Upgrade the latest SOM version to support M350 below:


With the old Pixy SM before March 25, 2024, it needs to update the SOM firmware and the Skyport to work properly.

The gimbal is able to control that, which means the SOM is updated, but please upgrade again with the SOM firmware above.


2. Upgrade the Skyport firmware.

There is some problem: the M350 doesn't allow you to upgrade to the latest Skyport firmware v1.03.05.

So it requires using the M300 to upgrade. Follow the steps below:

  1. Using a USB-C 3.0 cable to connect your DJI M350 or M300 with your PC.

· Download and Install DJI Assistance Enterprise Series. Link: DJI Assistant 2 (Enterprise Series) - Download Center - DJI

Note: have to use version 2.1.2 DJI Assistance

  1. Install Pixy-SM on the M300 and press Power On.

  2. Connect the Drone with the PC in this plot (like below image)

  1. Open DJI Assistance on your computer and "log in" by your DJI account.

· If your PC finds your drone, the program will show the device box like the image. You can click on that to access the System Management Dashboard of the dronelike in.

  1. After accessing the dashboard, you have to navigate to Firmware Update category, select DJI Skyport V2.0 on Device List bar. You can see the current version of Skyport is V01.03.02. Click on UPGRADE button on the V01.03.0500 row to upgrade Skyport's Firmware.

  1. About 30 seconds, the Skyport will upgrade successfully. You can see the LATEST label like the image.

· Then restart the system, and check if streaming works normally with M350 or not.

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