1. Prepare components before the Setup:

-HDMI Cable. -Power supply for Camera. -External monitor to display camera’s monitor.

*Note: connect the HDMI cable from camera to the external monitor to proceed with the installation steps before use.

2. Settings the camera to connect it to Pixy SM:

-Unlock the Power camera. -Open the Lock button on the camera. -Change the Mode Switch to Photo Mode (like picture shown below).

-Choose USB mode to allow the camera detect all devices that use USB: SELECT MENU -> [SETUP] ->[USB]->[USB Connection Mode] -> PC Remote.

Change Mode to allows USB devices control the camera: SELECT MENU -> [Network] -> [Cnct./PC Remote] -> [PC Remote Function] -> [PC Remote] -> [On]

Change the image format of video record to NTSC

SELECT MENU → [Setup] → [Area/Date] → [NTSC/PAL Selector] → [Enter]

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