Q 1: The SYNC package does not include charger, do I need to add one?

The SYNC battery uses Gremsy charger, you maybe need to add one if you have not had one. For your reference: the Gremsy charger was added in standard Gremsy series H package. In case, you are using smart battery version, you should add one Gremsy charger to use for SYNC battery.

Q 2: What's included in the package of SYNC?

The SYNC package includes:

  • 1x SYNC Controller

  • 1x SYNC Handle

  • 2x Monitor Mounting

  • 2x Connecting SYNC

  • 1x SYNC Receiver

  • 1x Micro USB Cable

  • 1x SBUS Cable

  • 1x SYNC battery

  • 1x SYNC power supply cable

  • 1x SYNC input power supply cable

  • 1x SYNC Jumper

  • 1x SYNC 5-pin cable

  • 1x Allen key 2.5mm

  • 4x M3x25 Screw

  • 2x 1/4 20mm Screw

Q 3: What gimbals work with SYNC?

  • SYNC works with Series T (T1, T3) and Series H (H3, H7, H16) model.

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