The previous version (before 7 May 2025) was wrongly mention the VIO rubber as 40HA.

ZIO/VIO Damping is designed to match perfectly with the ZIO/VIO payload where 4 silicone-filled rubber balls are used to further remove high-frequency vibration and allow smooth footage. The Zio Damping features ultra-lightweight in a small form factor and a universal mounting plate.

ZIO: 15HA Rubber Type

VIO: 25HA Rubber Type


Standard ZIO/VIO Damping Plate

  • Weight: 55g

  • Dimension: 70 x 68mm

12mm Damping Adapter

Weight : 50g

Dimension: 130 x 44 x 44 mm

Mounting Guide

1. With Standand Damping Mounting Plate

Using 20mm square M2 pattern to mountthe VIO quick release onto the VIO Damping plate

Torque: 27cN.m max

2. With 12mm Damping Adapter

If you drone using the 12mm rod for gimbal/payload mounting. The 12mm Damping Adapter is create to supports this mounting standard by connecting to the VIO standard damping plate and covert the 12mm mounting standard.

Connect the Vio to the standard damping plate as Section 1. Then Using 4 x M3 to mountthe VIO quick release onto the VIO damping plate

Torque: 77cN.m max

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