Perform the Tracking

1. Choose the object

  • The "undefined object" mode will be select any object on the bounding box.

  • The "trained object" only allow to select the detected object to tracking.

  • The PayloadAssistant app can help change the bouding box position by touching on the screen.

image of bounding box before / after tracking trigger

2. Trigger the tracking

  • Trigger tracking by using a SBUS channel or via PayloadAssistant app

  • Please refer the SBUS settings and PayloadAssistant app settings for more information

3 Change the object

  • To change the object, trigger tracking command again to "stop" tracking, select the new object then do trigger tracking command again to "start" tracking.

  • The more easier to change the object while the tracking is running, using the PayloadAssistant app and touch on the new object position on the screen.

4. Control the gimbal while tracking

  • The tracking feature will control the gimbal moving following the obecjt to keep the object always in the center of the view.

  • While the tracking is running, the user also allow to control the gimbal. This feature allow the user can moving the gimbal to try to catch the object again when it goes away or out of the view.

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