• Yes, it can.

Q 2: Is it possible to use a third-party battery to power the H7 in aerial?

  • It is possible, however we highly recommend using the original H7 batteries to avoid any unexpected disruptions.

Q 3: Is the Gremsy landing gear suitable for H7?

  • No, it is not. The landing gear is compatible with H16 only.

Yes, you can. Some of our clients made some custom models in order to assemble Circular Quick Release with second flight controller like A2, A3, Naza, Wookong and use CanLink in ALTA setup.

For further information about using Canlink and H17 with ALTA, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Q 5: How can I mount Gremsy H7 under M600?

  • Yes, You can assemble H7 under M600, thanks to Damping Plate Pro.

Q 6: Can I mount the H7 under S1000/ S1000+?

  • Yes, You can. We refer the Damping Plate Pro to mount H7 under S1000 or S1000+. Work with Damping Plate Pro, you can assemble Damping mounting to dual 12mm carbon rods mounting system of S1000 frame.

Q 7: Can I use the Damping Plate Pro to mount H7 under S900?

  • Sorry you can’t make it. Damping Plate Pro supports minimum distance 137.4 mm while S900 carbon rail distance is only

Q 8: Which dimension of H7 in aerial mode?

Q 9: How much weight Gremsy H7 in Aerial mode?

It is about 1.45 kgs/ 3.19 lbs.

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