Q 1: What's the difference between Gremsy T3 and Gremsy H3?

Regarding the H3 and the T3, here are some differences T3 has that will improve your shooting:

  • Clean design, internal wiring: looks professional setup and avoiding wiring in shooting.

  • Built-in 12V BEC: you could use the battery from drone (12 - 52V) to power gimbal via Power port connection (more safety and stable power source).

  • Improve the new I/O design on series H, the T3 designed with AUX ports supports for clean setup with camera, connex , seagulluav or more. Learn more HERE

  • CanLink is integrated in T3 which now supports not only DJI FC but also Pixhawk.

Up to now, Gremsy T3 is the first gimbal in the market combined with GH5 for smooth aerial footage without post stabilization. Learn more at or

Q 2: What's the difference between Gremsy T1 and Gremsy T3?

  • The T1 and T3 are integrated using the same technologies. However, the T3 supports a higher maximum payload up to 3.75 lbs while T1 supports 1.5 lbs payload. Furthermore, unlike the T1, the T3 has CAN port on Pan axis which gives it the ability to power extra devices such as Connex.

Q 3: How much weight can the T3 hold?

  • The maximum payload of the T3 is 1.7kg (3.75 lbs).

Q 4: What's included in the package of Gremsy T3??

The Gremsy T3 package includes:

  • 1x Gimbal T3

  • 1x T1/T3 Hyper Quick Release

  • 1x Hotshoe Screw

  • 1x Hotshoe Plate

  • 1x Hotshoe Screw Extension

  • 1x Camera Slide & Screw

  • 1x Quick Release Cover

  • 1x Micro USB Cable

  • 1x SBUS Cable

  • 1x T1/T3 - Canlink Cable For DJI FC (A2, Naza, Wookong)

  • 1x T1/T3 - Canlink Cable For DJI FC (A3, N3)

  • 1x T1/T3 - Canlink Cable For Pixhawk

  • 1x T1/T3 - Power Supply Cable

  • 2x T1/T3 - Auxiliary Cable

  • 5x M3x8 Screw

  • 2x Allen Key 1.5mm

  • 1x Allen Key 2.5mm

Q 5: Does the Gremsy T3 package come with battery and charger?

  • No, it does not. The T3 supports the external batteries from drone with 12 - 52 V input power.

Q 6: How many operation modes does the T3 have and how do I switch between the modes?

  • Gremsy T3 supports 2 types of operation: Normal and Inverted Operation.

Q 7: Is it possible to switch from Circular Quick Release to Hyper Quick Release?

Q 8: Is the Gremsy series waterproof?

  • No. The system battery, motors, and other electronic equipment are not waterproof.

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