Q 1: What's the Pixy LR?

Pixy LR is purpose-built for a Sony ILX-LR1 camera with only 495g, intended to provide professionals with a specialized payload solution for industrial applications that demand superior imaging quality and smooth aerial operations.

Q 2: Can Pixy LR support other cameras?

No, Pixy LR is tailored and compatible with only Sony ILX-LR1

Q 3: What's lenes support on the Pixy LR?

Transcending the boundaries by broadening the range of lenses supported, Pixy LR provides outstanding image stabilization for the ILX-LR1 camera, catering to a wide spectrum of user needs and preferences.

  • Lens 35mm - SEL35F28Z, SEL35F18F

  • Lens 16mm - SELP1635G

  • Lens 28mm - SEL28F20

  • Lens 55mm - SEL55F18Z

  • Lens 85mm - SEL85F18 (photography only)

  • Lens 24mm - SEL24F28G

  • Lens 50mm - SEL50F25G

  • Lens 40mm - SEL40F25G

Q 3: What's quick release type of Pixy LR?

It's Hyper Quick Release 3.0 (HQR 3.0) with new I/O design and support USB 3.0 speed for camera transmission

Detail here

pageI/O Connection

Q 4: Does Pixy LR support USB 3.0 camera transmission?

Pixy LR is the first Gremsy gimbal that incorporates USB 3.0 compatibility, making transferring, storing, and manipulating your images or videos easier and faster.

Q 5: What's the weight of Pixy LR?

Its weight is 495g/1lbs

Q 6: What's the DIM of Pixy LR?

Dimension (DxWxH) 140 x 115 x 200 (mm)

Q 7: What's the input power of Pixy LR?

Pixy LR support wide range DC input power from 17 -52V DC

Q 8: Does it need extra cable to connect the Sony ILX-LR1 with Pixy LR?

No, it doesn't. Pixy LR has a built-in output cable to connect to the ILX-LR1 camera. The rest you just need to connect the appropriate ports on Quick Release.

Q 9: What's drone platform Pixy LR supports?

Pixy LR features broad compatibility with key drone platforms like

  • Pixhawk

  • CubePilot

  • Skynode

  • Airpeak

  • M600 (manual control only)

Yes, Pixy LR supports the latest Mavlink 2 standard.

Q 11: Does Pixy LR support SDK/API for developers?

Yes, Pixy LR support both Mavlink SDK and Gremsy SDK for developers build their application with the Pixy LR.

Q 12: Does Pixy LR support DJI Matrice 300/350 series?

No, it doesn't.

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