DJI Pilot Settings

[1] Gimbal Orientation Adjustment

  • Gimbal Re-center

  • Re-center Yaw

  • Gimbal Downward

[2] Hidden/Show Zoom setting (Not supported yet)

[3] Switch Focus/Meter Spot mode. (Meter Spot is not supported yet).

[4] Configuration for Gimbal and Camera

[5] AF/MF Focus mode Switch

[6] Shooting Mode (Burst mode is not supported yet)

[7] Capture / Record button

[8] PSDK – Pixy SM settings (choose to show numbers below)

[9] Enable/Disable live-view switch

[10] Power On/OFF Gimbal switch

[11] Virtual Gimbal Joystick

[12] Hidden/Show Floating Window.

[13] Real-time Status

  • On the Pilot app, choose AF/MF to set the focus mode. Recommend choosing MF (Manual Focus) for the mapping mission.

  • Go to Payload Settings to configure the camera settings.

  • Configure ISO:

    • Auto will allow adjusting the exposure compensation.

    • Fixed ISO will not allow adjusting the exposure compensation.

    • Recommend using ISO Auto.

  • Set the exposure mode as M_Manual.

  • Shutter Speed:

    • Can set from 1/1000 to 1/1500.

    • Recommend using 1/1250 for the best image quality.

  • Aperture: From F/5.6 to F/8 or higher base on the working condition.

  • Focus mode:

    • If the Focus mode is AF: AF-S is recommended for the best focus on Pixy SM.

    • If the Focus mode is MF: set the focus value to infinity by changing the focus ring of the lens. (The Focus adjustment on the DJI Pilot app is not available at this time)

  • Focus Area:

    • If the Focus mode is AF: recommend Wide Zone or Center.

    • If the Focus mode is MF: skip this setting.

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