Process OTA Update Software

1. Overview

  • This section will be use to do ota software update for the Vio payload

  • The Vio payload support 2 ways to update their software: using GremsyFlashTools or using this feature

  • This feature will be connect to Gremsy server and download the latest software package.

  • The customer must make sure that the Vio payload was connected to the Internet before apply this feature.

2. Process OTA update

  • Connect to Vio Settings app via Ethernet or USB connection

  • Open Update Payload Software

  • The customer can see the current version of all apps in the Vio payload system before they deceide to do upgrade their Vio system.

  • Click Update the OK to perform this feature.

  • The status of the ota progress can be seen realtime

  • The result of the ota progress

  • Check the apps version again to verify

  • Reboot the Vio system to apply all update. The first reboot after do ota updating will take a little time to init all updates, it can take about 3 minutes.

3. Troubleshooting

  • The notification only pop up when the host PC is connecting to the Setting app via USB

  • In this case, the Vio payload has 2 connection: USB to the host pC and Ethernet to the Internet router

3.1 No internet connection

  • The Settings app will send a notify to the user when this problem was detected

  • Please check the Internet connection for the Vio payload

3.2 The Internet connection broken while the OTA progress performing

  • If the Internet connection to the Vio payload was not stable, a notify will be pop up and the ota progress will be canceled.

  • Please check the Internet connection for the Vio payload and try again

3.3 Lost the power while the OTA progress performing

  • Please make sure the Vio payload will be not powered off while the ota performing.

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