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Gremsy’s Gimbal supports SBUS, SPECTRUM and PPM receivers.

This article will show you how to use S.Bus signal output from a remote controller (Futaba, Herelink, …) for simultaneous control of Autopilot, Gimbal and camera as well.

In this specific example, we will use a T3 gimbal connected directly to Pixhawk’s SBUS.o port, and also connect the third party Seagull #Rec for triggering and zooming the Sony Camera.

Using Remote Control (Herelink):

  • Scroll wheel controls the TILT or PAN axis (Channel 10)

  • Top button (Right) controls the Gimbal mode including 3 states (Toggle PAN or TILT and Reset Position) (Channel 9)

  • C button controls zoom in for camera (Channel 14)

  • D button controls zoom out for camera (Channel 14)

  • Trigger Camera (Channel 7)

Let’s get started!

1. Items required

  • Sony A6/A7 alpha

  • Herelink Remote Controller

  • Seagull #Rec custom.

  • Pixhawk FC.

  • T3 Gimbal.

2. Firmware update

The gimbal must be running a firmware version from v7.4.0 or higher and a software v1.4.1 or higher.

You can update the latest firmware on our site at or follow us at GitHub to keep updated and get previous versions if needed.

3. Hardware setup guide

  1. Gimbal connection

SBUS port is located on the Hyper Quick Release or the Gimbal Controller.

Connect the FC’s SBUS output port (labelled “SBUSo” on a Cube, “SB” on a Pixhawk) to the gimbal’s SB or “SBUS” port.

b. Seagull #Rec Custom connection

  • Connecting MAIN OUT7 with CH1 (Photo & Record).

  • Connecting AUX OUT 4 with CH2 (Zoom).

4. Software setup guide

a. Configuring Gimbal

NOTE: This feature will only appear when you upgrade the latest firmware and software. Please see the instructions above.

Q 3: How to configure Gremsy gimbal to use with DJI Lightbridge 2 or M600's remote?

Step1: Connect the SBUS 2 port on Herelink to SBUS port on MTX hub of Mio gimbla Step2: Connect the Mio with Gtune app/software then go to Settings -> Control -> Choose the Herelink Step 3: Configure the smooth and speed according your application Refer to : Video

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