Setup with Herelink system

To use the "Dual operation" mode, two Herelink remotes need to be connected to the same network. Specifically:

  • The main remote will broadcast Wi-Fi

  • The Slave remote will connect to the main's Wi-Fi

1. Install the Main remote

The main remote is a remote directly connected to Air Unit

Step 1: Setup Wi-Fi hotspot

Step 2: Enable Dual Operation mode

  • Turn on “Dual Cont” and “Main”

  • Choose “Save” and restart the remote

Step 3: Enable Video Sharing

2. Install the Slave remote

The Slave remote is a remote that will connect to the system via the Wi-Fi of the Main remote

Step 1: Connect to the Wi-Fi of the main remote

Step 2: Install Dual Operation mode

  • Turn on “Dual Cont” and choose IP target is the IP of the Main remote (default:

  • Choose “Save” and restart the remote

Step 3: Set app QGroundControl

  • Turn off all options in AutoConnection

  • Create the UDP connection to the main remote

  • The menu for controlling the payload after a successful connection.

  • Setup receive video sharing

3. Setup the controlling payload channel

After setting both main and slave remote in "Dual Cont" mode, the joystick channels of the slave remote will display the value on the main remote.

  • User can choose joystick to control payload

  • Set corresponding channel: CH6 for pan, CH8 for tilt (or change axis in single mode)

4. Set mode Dual Operation on Vio

Choose the Dual Operation on the RC Mode - Camera Settings Menu

Successful connection

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