G-hadron supports control over Ethernet telemetry. Please update to the latest firmware and follow the following instructions:

In this example:

  • Using Ethernet telemetry to control G-Hadron (gimbal and camera).

  • Using HDMI to do video streaming from Zio to QGroundControl.

Setup on QGroundControl App

1. Disable all AutoConnect in General

2. Navigate to Comm Links, add new Comm Link for Ethernet telemetry

3. Create the new link as following

On the above example:

Name: Zio
Type: UDP
Listening Port: 14565
Target Hosts: (Zio's IP)

4. Check the new Ethernet connection

  • Connect the HDMI to Herelink v1.1

  • Video Stream info will show as below after configuring successfully

(Do not change)

Video Source: RTSP Video Stream
RTSP URL: rtsp://
Aspect Ratio: 1.777777

Successful connection

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