What is the size and weight of G-Hadron?

The weight of the gimbal is 164g (without H640R)

What is the resolution of the photos and videos taken by G-Hadron?

  • EO

    • Photo: 3840x2160 - JPEG

    • Video: 3840x2160, 30fps - MKV

  • IR

    • Photo: 640x512 - JPEG

    • Video: 640x512, 60fps - MKV

What kind of zoom does the G-Hadron camera have? How much does it zoom by?

The G-Hadron camera (H640R) has only digital zoom.

  • EO zoom: 1x to 12x digital zoom.

  • IR zoom: 1x to 8x digital zoom.

What is the protection rating of G-Hadron?

G-Hadron must first pass rigorous testing in accordance with Gremsy's quality standards before reaching the user.

G-Hadron is dustproof to the IP5x standard.

  • Make sure the gimbal is securely installed on the aircraft and the SD card slot cover is clean and closed properly.

  • Make sure the surface of the gimbal is clean before opening the SD card slot cover.

What applications and what kind of specific scenarios are the G-Hadron suited for?

The G-Hadron is mainly designed for inspection, surveying, thermal use over long distances.

Is the G-Hadron compatible with the DJI drones?

It's can be mounted on DJI drones having a suitable size but does not support the control

Which flying platforms does it suit?

The G-Hadron only supports drones using the Mavlink base.

Is the G-Hadron used in dual control mode (one main remote for controlling the drone, one slave remote for controlling the gimbal)?

Yes, you can use 2 Herelink remotes to control independently the drone and the gimbal.

You can refer to the instruction in this part

What is the biggest capacity of microSD cards supported?

It supports up to 128 GB capacity, and it is recommended to use a UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSD card.

Which apps are suitable for G-Hadron?

Currently only compatible with the latest Android version of QGroundControl.

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