Set up with Airpeak


Prepare to set up with Airpeak

1.Pixy LR COM2- Airpeak Control Cable (optional accessory)

2.Power Cable

3.Cable USB C


• Must use Pixy LR COM2 cable to connect gimbal with Airpeak.

• USB just support one way connection.

Supported Function

ASM Quick Release

Step 1: Install Pixy LR Quick Release to Airpeak Damping.

Step 2: ARS-S1 | Help Guide | Connecting cables to the aircraft (

Step 3: ARS-S1 | Help Guide | Attaching the damping plate to the aircraft (

Step 4: ARS-S1 | Help Guide | Configuring the gimbal settings (

Gtune Setup

Step 1: Connect the Micro USB port on Pixy LR QR to PC/Laptop by USB cable.

Step 2: Open the Gtune on PC/Laptop and connect the gimbal.

Step 3: On Gtune, go to Settings -> Controls ->Mavlink -> Mounting.

Step 4: On Mavlink - Mounting, go to MOD and choose Old_implementation.

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