Gimbal Firmware

win_icon Vio Firmware version 7.8.2 Oficial

What's new ?

  • Add window dead zone in follow mode

  • Compatible with software Vio Payload version v1.1.0_build.12032024


  • Connect gTune when gimbal is connected to Autopilot

  • Control gimbal in rotation limit

Payload Firmware

win_icon Payload Vio SoM Firmware version v1.2.0_build.24062024

What's news

1. The Vio payload app

  • Update to v1.0.4.2

  • Add isothermal feature

  • Add option to change laser rangefinder measurement mode (1Hz, 4Hz, 10Hz)

  • Add option for ICR function

  • Support 3 zoom types: Continuous, Step and Range

  • Add VideoSync feature: EO and IR cameras synchronization

  • Update speed gain when do zooming

  • Fixed issue auto-zoom

  • Fixed issue when control gimbal with PX4 latest firmware

2. The Video stream app

  • Update to version 1.4.0

  • Changing the streaming params by web server app

  • Fixed the issue that randomly reject the request to connected from the client.

3. The Web Server Settings app

  • Update to version v1.0.8

  • Add Isothermal setting page

  • Add Update software package manually.

  • Can change thermal measurement ROI size

4. The AI plugin

  • No update

5. PayloadAssistant app



What's new?

  • Run app Administrator

  • Improve flash tools !

win_icon Windows

gTuneDesktop v1.4.9.4 - Official

What's new?

  • Add mounting mode Entire Airpixel. => SETTINGS --> CONTROLS --> MAVLINK --> MOUTING --> MOD

  • Improve gTuneDesktop.

  • Download gTuneDesktop v1.4.9.4 - Official.

win_icon Windows

mac_icon macOS

App gTune

mac_icon Android

mac_icon iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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