Gimbal Firmware

What's new ?

  • Features

    • Start the gimbal after stabilizing the temperature of the IMU

Payload Firmware

win_icon Payload Vio SoM Firmware version v1.1.3.1 (updating)

What's new?

  • Add "GIMBAL_COMBINE_ZOOM" option for gimbal controlled by PayloadSDK


  • Improve gimbal controlled thread by onboard computer


Gremsy Flash Tools version v1.1.5

What's new?

  • Update firmware with zip file ".zip" (use for both Pixy SM and Payload Vio)

gTune v1.4.9.3

What's new?

  • Detect gimbal AEVO when connecting gTune Desktop to gimbal

  • Add button import PROFILES gimbal

App gTune

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