How to Autotune?

After Upgrading

  1. After upgrading successfully, go to SETTINGS ==> IMU ==> GYRO

  • Set Gyro trust from 210 to 220

  • Leave the gimbal stable and click on “CALIBRATE" button

  1. Go to the PROFILES tab; you will see the T3V3 profile, and press LOAD to load parameters to the gimbal.

  1. After that, reset the gimbal and perform an AUTOTUNE process in the SETTINGS tab under STIFFNESS and AUTOTUNE. The gimbal will calculate suitable parameters by itself.


  • The gimbal should have a payload on it and be balanced properly.

  • The gimbal's movement should not be restricted by any hardware or wiring.

  • The Gyro calibration must be done before the autotune process.

  • The Gyro calibration should be performed in a warm place.

  • Please turn ON the motor to perform the Autotune process properly, which was turned OFF after the gyro calibration.

  • Please watch the gimbal carefully while it is performing the Autotune process and press CANCEL for termination.

  • If you have a zero parameter result after autotuning, please cancel and try a few more times.

  • To use gSDK with the new firmware, please use the platform-test branch.

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