Q 1: Which remote controller do you recommend to use with Gremsy gimbals?

  • Gremsy gimbals support SBUS, SPEKTRUM/JR, PPM protocols. The following are some names for your reference: Futaba T14SG, Spektrum DX6i, Taranis, etc.

Q 2: How to control Gremsy gimbals with Futaba radio controller?

Please refer to this tutorial:

Q 3: Can I use Gremsy gimbals with LightBridge 2 to control the gimbal?

  • At the moment, Gremsy gimbals can be controlled via LightBridge 2 but it has some limitations in control channels. For instance, it doesn’t offer you the ability to control the Tilt and Pan speed via a remote channel, and you can’t ON/OFF the gimbal or switch between Lock/Follow with this setup. Therefore, we recommend to use a direct Tx-Rx to control our gimbals.

Q 4: Can I use third party controller to control the Gremsy gimbals?

  • Yes, you can use the third party’s product.

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