Powering Up

After connecting to the power supply, the gimbal will perform a series of alignments, self-tests, which last about 5 - 10 seconds and will determine the status of the gimbal, indicated by the Status LED color. During this time, don’t touch the gimbal or camera, and make sure it is standstill.

Always start the gimbal with a balanced camera set up otherwise after initialization the controller will return an error followed by a red color indicator.


Make sure the Pixy S Quick Release is mounted to the drone and its power port is already connected to the power supply correctly. Next, let’s mount the gimbal to the Hyper Quick Release, it will be automatically powered up.


Wait about 10 seconds until the LED end blinking white, do not touch the gimbal or camera during this process.


If the status LED is blinking green, the gimbal is ready for use. By default, the gimbal is in Follow mode if the motors are turned ON by the Function Button. If the status LED is solid red, something is wrong with the gimbal and motors can not start. Connect to the software/apps to check details of the error message.

Read LED STATUS INDICATOR in next section for more information.

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