This information page is used to describe errors that may occur with Pixy-SM during operation as well as provide methods to improve and minimize such errors. Common errors: Gimbal has its yaw axis misaligned during flight mapping. Geotag log file not found. And some other basic errors

ErrorDescriptionHow to resolve it?

No payload connection

Not found the payload on the Pilot app

  • Check gimbal power

  • Reboot gimbal

No SD card connection

Payload connected but cannot trigger camera by shutter button

  • Check and reconnect the SD card on gimbal

  • Format SD card as exFat or FAT32

No Hotshoe connection

Payload connected but Hotshoe icon is gray ( not connected)

  • Check the cable connection and Hotshoe connection

No GPS log file after flight

Not found the GPS log after mission complete

  • The flight attitude must be above 50m

  • Below 50m log file will be not created.

  • Support all attitude from version 3.0

Lost Image

Few image are lost during the mission

Due to the SD card write speed too low

Recommend SD card with 299mb write speeds or higher

Gimbal misaligned the yaw axis during flight mission.


When flying with Pixy-SM, it is possible that the yaw axis direction (Pixy-SM is in Follow Mode) of the Gimbal will not coincide with the nose direction of the aircraft when in automatic flight mode. There is no angle adjustment on the handle yet.

As shown in the picture, the red line indicating the direction of the camera (gimbal's direction) is skewed at an angle compared to the blue line indicating the HEAD direction of the Drone.

The consequence of this is that the actual captured image will be skewed at an angle compared to the desired shooting direction of the DJI Pilot program. The actual map after rendering may draw the wrong area for the user to create a map.

The cause of this phenomenon is that in the Gimbal Pixy-SM firmware, there is a mode used to set the origin value of the Gimbal Yaw axis according to the plane's coordinate direction or according to the direction of the sensor mounted on the gimbal. Normally, this mode will be enabled when upgrading the Gimbal firmware.

2. Processing steps:

Step 1: Check the Yaw angle indicated on the DJI controller's interface in the middle of the screen. Press Recenter of the gimbal if the gimbal's Yaw angle has returned to the Home position but the gimbal's display angle is still deviating from the aircraft's direction, Proceed to the next step to set the gimbal's coordinate system to coincide with the aircraft's direction.

For Pixy-SM Software version from higher, in the Payload Settings interface on DJI Pilot of this software there is a "Yaw Reduce Drift" Switch button to enable/disable this mode. When deviation occurs, check the status of the Switch button. Flip this switch to return the gimbal's angular coordinate system to the direction of the aircraft.

For Pixy-SM Software version older. Since older versions do not have a button interface like version, you can use gTune App to set up this mode before flying.

Connect the gimbal to the gTune app

(Note: The switch on the body of the Pixy-SM should be pushed past the letter G).

After connecting successfully:

  • Click the Settings icon on the MODE bar,

  • Slide the REDUCE DRIFT By Drone bar -> PAN AXIS.

Geotag log file not found


When flying with Pixy-SM, it may happen that the geotag log file cannot be found on the memory card, or that the GPS data for the captured image is missing. This guide will provide a solution when this happens.

Processing steps:

Step 1: Check the memory card mounted on the Gimbal's tilt axis. Note that the memory card needs to be formatted to FAT32 so that the SoM in Pixy-SM can recognize and save files to the memory card.

Step 2: After checking the memory card format. Connect the camera to Pixy-SM with the Hotshoe-USB cable, connect to DJI M300 and use the remote to take a test photo with Pixy-SM. When taking a photo, the LED light on the side of the gimbal will flash white for a while. If the LED light does not flash when taking photos, please check if the HUB wire is connected to the gimbal or if the position of the Hotshoe disc is pushed.

Step 3: After checking the hardware but the LED light is still not flashing and the geotag log file is missing. The main reason is that the camera's memory card does not have enough capacity to take pictures.

Note: Copy the necessary files in the camera to a computer and format the memory card.

Recommended to use the camera's format feature by:

SELECT MENU → [SETUP] → [FORMAT] → desired memory card slot.

Step 4: For Sony A7Rv, there will be an additional feature of closing the shutter by software instead of just having a shutter like previous Alpha Camera series. The feature will not send Hotshoe signals to Pixy-SM. Refer to SETUP FOR SONY A7R5.

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