The Hot Shoe cable work with new firmware updates, please the compatible version below:

Gimbal Pixy SM Firmware v7.7.2:

SOM Pixy SM Firmware v2.1.0.36:

We recommend upgrading SOM firmware with Flashtool v1.1.3:

Instruction - SOM Firmware upgrade via SD card


  • Only support SOM firmware from 1.0.2. Older versions must be upgraded to 1.0.2 or higher.

  • Firmware upgrade via SD card is only applicable to SOM firmware. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on how to upgrade the gimbal firmware.

Step to upgrade

Download the SOM firmware SD card version on Gremsy Github

Extract the .zip (or .rar) firmware file just downloaded.

After extracting successfully, the folder below will appear

The folder will include files for SOM firmware upgrade as below:

Copy Folder into the Pixy SM’s SD card as below

Install the SD card to the Pixy SM SD card slot

Make sure the switch in the “P” position

Press Re-Boot on DJI Pilot app and wait for the process to complete.

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