Q 1: How about camera cage of Gremsy T1?

  • It currently supports cameras with a maximum depth of 90 mm (measured from the center of gravity), a maximum height of 90 mm, and a maximum width of 105 mm. The maximum payload of T1 is 700grams (1.5 lbs).

Q 2: What kind of cameras does Gremsy T1 support?

Gremsy T1 Camera Compatibility List (non-comprehensive list):

  • Flir Duo Pro R, Flir Duo, Flir Vue, Flir Vue Pro, Flir Vue Pro R

  • Workswell Wiris, Wiris Gen 2

  • Thermal Capture Fusion, Fusion Zoom

  • Keii HL2-640

  • Micasense RED Edge M

  • Sony CX675, CX455, CX440, CX405

  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Q 3: Does Gremsy T1 support HDMI signal?

  • No, it does not.

Q 4: Which trigger devices do you recommend?

  • We use Seagull UAV trigger for Sony camera. Some clients used Intelli G sucessfully.

Q 5: Does Gremsy T1 supports trigger signal?

  • Yes, Gremsy T1 supports AUX ports to connect the camera to the trigger of third party in clean setup.

Q 6: Is it possible to install Gremsy T1 with Flir Duo Pro R?

  • Yes, it is possible.

Q 7: How to install Gremsy T1 with Flir Duo Pro R?

Gremsy T1 is perfect match with Flir Duo Pro R

Q 8: How to install Gremsy T1 with Wiris GEN 2?

Gears in setup made by Gremsy:

  • T1/T3 - Control Cable for Wiris

  • 90 Dregree Micro HDMI to HDMI HD Shielded Cable

Very important: Signal control supports SBUS only. Gremsy T1 does not support control camera via Light Bridge 2.

Q 9: How to install Gremsy T1 with BMMCC?

Very important: Blackmagic micro cinema supports to control zoom, shutter, rec... via SBUS signal only. Gear in setup made by Gremsy:

  • T1/T3 - Control cable for BMMCC

You also need:

  • Video transmitter

  • Y-SBUS Cable

Q 10: Is it possible to mount Gremsy T1 with HX90/HX60?

  • Gremsy T1 fits HX90 and HX60 camera size. However, these camera were designed HDMI port located at bottom position and near srew connection, it would be harder to connect HDMI from camera while mounting inside gimbal. You should modify camera plate for this purpose.

Q 11: Is it possible to balance Gremsy T1 with AX40?

  • Yes, it is. But you should modify counterweight added about 40g.

Q 12: Is it possible to balance Gremsy T1 with Sony AX53?

  • We don't recommend to use Gremsy T1 with AX53. You need to customize the counterweight to balance camera inside gimbal. Learn more our setup Gremsy T1 with Sony AX40, add 40g counterweight.

Q 13: Is it difficult to balance the gimbal and camera?

  • No. Changing the setup for different camera arrangements is quick and simple.

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