Payload Web Server

I. Overview

The Web Server is a tool designed to assist users in managing image and video files stored in an device's internal (emmc) or external (SD card) memory. It also provides options to configure product specifications such as static IP, camera settings, and system defaults.

The default IP address of the G-Hadron Mainboard is

II. How to

1. Connect G-Hadron Mainboard to your PC/Laptop

Refer Setting up static IP on Windows or Linux Ubuntu desktop.

The Device IP Address is shown on Live View.

3. Files List

4. Set Up Static IP Address

This function sets up G-Hadron Mainboard's IP address to user network.

5. Set Up IR Radiometric

6. Factory Reset

  • Resets the IR camera settings to the default values.

  • Reset G-Hadrond Mainboard's IP address to the default value (

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