This page to guide setup the Sony A7R V to work with Pixy SM and M300/M350

1. Set up the Camera

Switch the Mode dial (upper ring) to "M" and the Still/Movie/S&Q dial to "Still Image shooting mode" (as shown in the picture).

Turn on PC Remote mode to let Sony Camera connect to Pixy-SM.

Select MENU → [Network] → [Transfer/Remote] → [PC Remote Function] → [On]

For the Camera to use the USB port for connection, you need to switch USB Mode to PC Remote.

Select MENU → [Setup] → [USB] → [USB Connection Mode] → [PC Remote]

2. Set the Camera to Stream HDMI signals while recording.

For Sony A7R4 or A7R4A there is a limitation that recording video from the sensor will turn off the signal from the HDMI port. However, the Sony A7R5 has overcome those limitations.

Set parameters to transmit images from HDMI port with 1080p resolution. Then, select a mode that allows video recording while transmitting HDMI Output.

Select MENU → [External Output] → [HDMI Output Settings] → [Output Resolution] → [1080p].

From [HDMI Output Settings] → [Rec. Media during HDMI Output] → [On].

Note: To see more information about the Camera parameters on the Remote screen, you can go to the following section. From [External output] → [HDMI Info. Display] → [On].

In addition, convert the image format of the video record to NTSC so that the HDMI port of the Pixy-SM can read the framerate of the HDMI port from the Camera. When you turn on the camera, a notification about the video recording format will appear.

SELECT MENU → [Setup] → [Area/Date] → [NTSC/PAL Selector] → [Enter]

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