Configure the ZIO IP to stream and control over Ethernet



1. Overview

  • To stream video over Ethernet, the Zio payload needs to be set up in the same network layer (IP) as the remote-running QGC.

  • The default Zio payload is set to static IP address

  • There are 2 ways for Remote to receive video from Zio:

    • Keep Zio's default setup (ip andremote- Remote's IP setting at

    • Change Zio's IP according to the network configuration of the running Remote system.

2. Zio Ethernet Video Stream Protocol

On firmware v2.0.0 or higher, Zio streams video via RTP protocol and h264 encoder.

3. Set IP address of Zio and IP adress of UDP stream receiver

  • Take out the micro SD card from Zio

  • Connect and open the SD folder

  • Create file payload_setup.txt in the micro SD card folder

File name: payload_setup.txt File Content:

123456/*PAYLOAD CONFIGURATION*/ # IP address of PayloadZIO_ADDR = = =

On the above example

  • Zio IP:

  • Insert the SD card containing the file payload_setup.txt into Zio and reboot.

  • Zio will set up according to the information in the file automatically.

NOTE: when Zio starts up without detecting the file payload_setup.txt in the memory card, Zio will automatically reset to the default IP (

Onboard Computer Configuration

Got video stream with QGroundControl app

  • General/Video setup as following

Got video stream with Gstreamer

In the case of using an embedded computer with the Gstreamer library, the video can be received via the command:

gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc latency=0 location=rtsp:// ! rtph264depay ! decodebin ! videoconvert ! autovideosink sync=false

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