HDMI HYPER QUICK RELEASE: Mechanical and electrical integration quick release with ability to get power directly from drone to convert to a 14.5V power supply, HDMI transfer and more.

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To get power directly from external batteries of the drone or other power supply. Voltage input range from 15V to 52V and is down converted to a stable 14.5V by the internal circuit to provide power to gimbal and accessories.

Connector type: Molex Microfit 3.0 2 pin


To interface with CAN bus on DJI Flight controller or another module that uses CAN bus.

Connector type: JST SM04B-ZESS-TB.

3. COM2/COM4:

To interface with Pixhawk or Pixhawk 2 via Mavlink protocol or other modules that use serial protocol (UART).

Connector type: JST SM06B-ZESS-TB.


To interface with SBUS/PPM receiver.

5. AUX:

There are S1, S2, S3,...,S8,S9 optional signal (0.25A max) for users to connect to other devices such as AV signal or camera trigger...This port is internally connected to AUX port on the camera tray. Connector type: JST SM10B-GHS-TB.

6. USB:

To interface with computer or upgrade firmware.

Connector type: Micro USB TYPE B

7. JR:

To interface with JR/SPEKTRUM satellite receiver.

Connector type: JST S3B-ZR.

8. HDMI:

HDMI video output from the camera.

Connector type: Micro HDMI.


Using 32mm square M3 pattern to mount the top part onto the frame or damping isolator.


STEP 1: The marks on the top part and bottom part must be aligned. The button on the ring should be aligned with the unlocked icon as shown in the first picture.

STEP 2: Keep everything aligned and attach the bottom part to the top part.

STEP 3: Rotate the ring clockwise until hearing a snap, the button should be automatically popped out and aligned with a locked icon.


STEP 1: Press and hold the button.

STEP 2: Rotate the ring counterclockwise.

STEP 3: When the button aligns the unlock icon, the T3 can be detached from the top part of Hyper Quick Release.

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