The IMU sensor used in the AEVO is a combination of a high precision 3 axis gyroscope sensor and a 3 axis accelerometer sensor.

IMU board is enclosed in a weather proof case and being heated where the temperature inside is controlled around 50°C with 0.2°C accuracy. Thanks to this feature, gyro calibration is no longer required in most situations.

In order to provide extra high precision data output, the IMU is performed 6-point calibration at Gremsy factory.

The AEVO controller has a special algorithm to provide attitude estimation based on input data from the IMU sensor. This attitude estimation helps the controller to command motor output to compensate for camera movement.


Thanks to temperature controlled and heated IMU, gyro calibration is not necessary as the gyro was calibrated at the factory and the temperature inside IMU remains constant around 50 degrees. However, if you notice drift during operation in extreme weather (below -20oC or above 50oC) please re-calibrate the gyro.

CALIB AT STARTUP: this feature is not necessary on the AEVO

After Gyro Calibration, Gyro Offset X, Y, Z will change to a new value depending on the temperature.


Do not use this function, please contact Gremsy Support Engineers. The accelerometer sensor was calibrated properly at the factory to achieve an accurate horizon level with special and precise equipment. Users do not need to do this unless it’s required for troubleshooting.

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