Q 1: Where do I have the latest firmware?

Q 2: How do I update firmware?

Notes: Make sure you installed the Driver for USB before continuing below steps:

Before upgrade:

  • Download the latest Software version for MAC or Windows if it’s not installed yet.

  • Install USB Driver if it’s not installed yet.

  • Download the Firmware in Zip format.

  • Unzip to get the *.hex file.

  • Unplug Remote Receiver (SBUS, JR, …) if it was plugged to gStabi system.

  • Connect gStabi controller to your Mac or PC by USB 2.0 A to Mini-B Cable.

During upgrade:

  • Power on gStabi System using gPower Pack.

  • Run the software and select Upgrade.

  • Follow Steps on the screen.

After upgrade:

  • Disconnect and connect again to reset the controller.


  • If you do not use the gStabi H14 with GREMSY landing gear on a multicopter, then go to CONFIG –> FOLLOW PAN –> deselect AIRBORNE

Q 3: Do I need to configure any parameter for the SYNC module?

  • Users do not need to configure any of the SYNC parameters. Before sending to customers, SYNC is ready to work without further adjustments. gTune only offers the function to activate SYNC for use.

Q 4: How can I save profiles?

  • In the Stiffness configuration activity/screen, a save icon can be found in the top right corner. Tap this icon and enter your profile name, then tap Save to finish. To load a profile, go to main activity, select Profile menu to view and load desired profile.

Q 5: Why is my Gimbal wifi connected to the phone but the app doesn’t connect to gimbal?

  • Before starting the gTune app, go to Setting -> Cellular -> Turn off Cellular Data. Cellular network signal can cause distortion to the wifi signal of the gimbal. Thus it should be turned off first to make sure the app connecting with the gimbal wifi properly.

Q 6: How do I connect to my Wifi enabled Gremsy gimbals?

  • Make sure your gimbal is already powered ON, after that open your wifi setting in your device, find and connect to the gimbal’s wifi using password: gremsygstabi

Q 7: What are general good practices while using the gTune?

  • Before running gTune mobile app, turn off your mobile internet and make sure to connect with the gimbal’s wifi. Otherwise, the app can’t connect to the gimbal properly.

  • Firmware upgrading procedure with gTune Desktop software: Before upgrading, please temporarily unplug the receiver (if available). Otherwise, you will be stuck on erasing step and can not get it completed. Of course, the software will remind you but it’s better to do it yourself first.

Q 8: What application/software do Gremsy gimbals use?

  • Gremsy developed gTune app & software to configure gimbals.

Q 9: Where is to install the Gtune application/software?

  • gTune application is ready to serve on Google Play and AppStore. You can find it with “gtune gremsy” keyword.

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