1. Hardware Setup

Connect the G-Hadron UART to the Telem2 on the PX4 systems

2. Setting on the remote control

G-Hadron is compatible with the Remote Control (RC) that supports the QGroundControl app (QGC). In this manual, all settings are made on Herelink Remote Control, the other controller does the same.

SBUS channel settings

G-Hadron needs to set up 2 channels to control the gimbal: one channel is for controlling rotation, and the other is for choosing the controlling axis.

Set up channels controlling the gimbal

Gimbal rotation control channel: CH6 (or any channels), use the wheel button on the Herelink remote:

Gimbal axis selection channel: CH8 (or any channels), use the camera button on the Herelink remote.

3. Setting parameters

Firmware Requirement

  • Version: update to the latest version.

  • Support Mavlink v2 protocol

Set up the telemetry baud rate

G-Hadron connects to FC at the baud rate of 115200. In case of connecting G-Hadron to FC at any telemetry, note the telemetry setting at the corresponding baud rate. Example for telemetry 2:


  • SER_TEL2_BAUD: “115200 8N1"

  • MAV_1_FORWARD: "1"

Set mount params


  • MNT_MODE_OUT: “Unknown: 2”

  • MNT_RC_IN_MODE: “1”

  • MNT_MAN_PITCH: “AUX3” // PAN/TILT choose axis

  • MNT_MAN_ROLL: “AUX2” // Zooming, High: Zoom in, Neutral: Stop, Low: Zoom out (current: only using mode control by angle)

  • MNT_MAN_YAW: “AUX1” // PAN/TILT move

  • COM_RC_IN_MODE: “Unknown: 3”

Set RC map channels

  • RC_MAP_AUX1: “Channel 6” // set channel 6 to AUX1 (Yaw)

  • RC_MAP_AUX2: “Channel 7” // set channel 7 to AUX2 (Roll)

  • RC_MAP_AUX3: “Channel 8” // set channel 8 to AUX3 (Pitch)

4. Setting App QGroundControl

Setup app QGroundControl

  • Step 1: Turn on Wifi on the remote to be able to download Zio parameter list

  • Step 2: Enable UDP from Application Setting -> AutoConnect to the following devices

Successful connection

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