Setup IP Address

1. Default IP address of Zio payload.

  • The Zio payload will be shipped with default IP address is:

  • There are two ways to setting an IP address for the Zio payload:

1.1 Setup IP address via SDcard.

  • Power off Zio payload

  • Create payload_setup.txt file in SDcard with your required IP address:


# IP address of Payload
  • Plugin SDcard to Zio payload and power on Zio payload

NOTE: After rebooting Zio Payload, payload_setup.txt file in SDcard will be moved to the Zio payload and the file will be lost.

1.2 Setup IP address via App Setting.

  • If you don't know Zio address, you can set IP address via SDcard (Tte section 1.1)

  • Using the web browser to open the Zio payload Setting app, with the url http://<zio_ip>:8000 (example:

  • Open tab "Set Up Static IP Address" then input your required IP address

  • Click "Apply" and "OK" to reboot the Zio system to apply the new IP address.

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