In which surveying and mapping scenarios can the Pixy SM be used?

The Pixy SM can be used in 2D mapping at present

Which types of app control does M300 RTK support when used with the Pixy SM aerial survey solution?

Currently, only DJI Pilot is supported.

Which operating modes does the Pixy SM support when used with the M300 RTK?

The Pixy SM supports the following operating modes:

  • Corridor mapping flight

  • Waypoint flight

  • Manual operation

Is the GPS tagged directly to the image?


Where the GPS tagging file save?

It will be saved on the Pixy SM micro SD card locate on the camera side.

What's maximum capacity support by Pixy SM SD card?

it supports up to 64GB

Read and Write speed should be larger than 50MB/s

  • 24mm lens: GSD=H/55;

  • 35mm lens: GSD=H/80;

  • 50mm lens: GSD=H/114;

  • Ground Sampling Distance GSD is measured in centimeters (cm)/pixel; target distance H is measured in meters (m).

Which position is recorded by the photos taken by the Pixy SM?

  • In photos taken by the Pixy SM, the exit pupil position at the center of the camera lens is recorded.

Does the lens support zoom? How to focus during operation?

Zooming is not currently supported. Initial waypoint autofocus and calibrated infinity focus can be used when in Route mode. Manual focus is required when in Manual mode.

Which drones support the Pixy SM? On which gimbal port can it be installed?

Support M300 RTK, and currently can be installed only on the single downward gimbal of M300 RTK.

Which lenses does the Pixy SM support?

The Pixy SM supports 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses with detail below:

  • Lens 28mm - SEL28F20

  • Lens 35mm - SEL35F28Z

  • Lens 55mm - SEL55F18Z

What cameras does the Pixy SM support?

The Pixy SM supports only Sony A7R IV at present.

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