Gimbal Firmware

win_icon Gremsy Zio Firmware v782 Official

What's new? - Add window dead zone in follow mode (only available when turn off REDUCE DIFT by DRONE PAN AXIS) - Limit rotation control with max window value (angle) - Compatible with Zio_Software : Payload Firmware

win_icon Payload Zio SoM Firmware version v3.0.0 build.14062024 Latest

What's news?

  • Add an option to change MAVlink component id for the camera

  • Add an option to change RTSP information from rtsp_stream.json in sd card

  • Allow control gimbal angle when mapping

  • Add Zoom Range and Zoom Step by command long SET_CAMERA_ZOOM

  • Add new feature: Eagle Eye, control gimbal by clicking anywhere on the Herelink screen

  • Add new feature: Tracking


  • Fixed control gimbal with PX4 v1.14.0

  • Fixed control gimbal issue in angle mode

  • Fixed the OSD mode for gimbal control in angle mode

App Version;

  • Payload App: v3.0.0

  • RTSP App: v1.0.1

  • Setting App: v1.0.2

  • Tracking App: v1.0.0


Gremsy Flash Tools version v1.1.7.1

What's new?

  • Improve flash tools !

win_icon Windows

gTune v1.4.9.2

What's new?

  • Detect gimbal AEVO when connecting gTune Desktop to gimbal

  • Add button import PROFILES gimbal

App gTune

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