Pixy SM Payload Firmware

What's new:

  • Integrate new SDK to support ILX-LR1.

  • Add new communication protocol to interface new hotshoe control ILX-LR1 capture/focus via Power & Control Terminal Connectors.

  • Adjust the HDMI resolution output of ILX-LR1 when streaming and recording.

  • Insert the camera name into Real-time data windows.


  • Fixed can not apply Focus Area property correctly when starting up.

  • Debounce for the "Reboot Button" at the Payload Config window.


  • Work stable with M300 and M350 version (additional).

  • The Pixy-SM has already upgraded to 3.0.1.RC can upgrade this version quickly with the SDCard version by extracting inside the folder to an SDCard and inserting it in Pixy-SM's memory card slot.


  • Disappear the widget icon on Main Interface when using M300 v09.00.01 (additional).

  • Lack of GPS information wit M300 v09.00.01 (additional).

Pixy SM Firmware

What's new?

Control gimbal in the follow mode

  • Gimbal allows control in follow mode by using a PSDK

Go to home position when switching the gimbal mode automatically.

Control gimbal with PSDK.

  • DJI PSDK to meet the requirements of those building solutions for various industrial applications.

  • Adjust the speed, smoothnessand direction control of each axis.

  • Adjust the stiffness, power, IMU,... of each gimbal.

Detect errors when initialization.

  • Gimbal will detect automatically when initialization and pop-up error on the new gTune with troubleshooting guide.

Start-up at a random position.

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