Q 1: What’s the Mio gimbal?

  • Mio is the newest gimbal model of Gremsy released this Jan 2021 – Smaller than ever.

Q 2: What’s new?

· Lightest

· Smallest

· No more top bar

· New controller

· New IMU sensor

· Better performance

Q 3: How much is its weight?

  • Its weight is 250g

Q 4: What the dimension of Mio?

Q 5: Which cameras does Mio support?

Q 6: Is it possible for quick release mounting?

  • Yes, Mio also supports quick release mounting.

Q 7: Is Mio’s quick release compatible with other series of gimbals?

  • The quick release will easily help you to assemble/disassemble similar other Gremsy products but due to the dimension and new design, it will not be compatible with other series of gimbals.

Q 8: Does Mio have the AUX port like the other Gremsy series?

  • Yes, and Mio supports up to 8 AUX signals, greater than 6 signals of Pixy series.

Q 9: How many pins the AUX support?

  • There are 8 AUX pins and 12V – 1A output power on the AUX port.

Q 10: Does it supply the power for the camera/third party?

  • Yes, the AUX output power is 12V – 1A maximum.

Q 11: What's the rating of output power?

  • The AUX output power is 12V – 1A maximum.

Q 12: How many operations does mode Mio support?

  • Updating

Q 13: What’s is the Front mount mode?

  • Support to mount on the front of drone, the Pan axis will become Roll and vice versa.

Q 14: Does Mio have the HDMI transmission through the body like other Gremsy series?

  • Yes, Mio supports the HDMI through the body for clean cable setup.

Q 15: Is it waterproof?

  • No, Mio is not a waterproof gimbal.

Q 16: Does Mio come with a battery and charger?

  • Due to design for drone system, the Mio will not come with battery and charger, but it’s compatible with the li-ion/li-po battery in range 15-52V.

Q 17: What’s included in the Mio standard package?

  • In the box

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