M600/M600 PRO


Q 1: Does Mio support M600 or A3 + Lighbridge 2 control?

  • Mio supports control through M600 or any drone frame using A3 FC and Lightbridge 2.

Q 2: Which kind of operator does Mio support?

  • Mio supports both of single and dual operator (slave and master).

Q 3: How to configure Gremsy gimbal to use with DJI Lightbridge 2 or M600's remote?

  • Step 1: Install the lasted Software/Firmware

The firmware and software were updated at Download.

  • Step 2: Connect Gremsy gimbal to GPS of Flight controller A3/N3

  • Step 3: Select Single or Dual Mode

At Single Mode, in software:

- Go to Setting -> Controls -> LightBridge 2 -> Dual - Move GIMBAL DIAL on the remote to turn on the motors. - Use Tilt/roll/pan stick to control tilt/roll/pan.

Instruction Steps: updating Video: updating

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