Camera Settings for Sony A7RV

1. Set up the camera to connect to the Pixy SM.

Change the Mode dial to "M" and Still/Movie/S&Q dial to "Still Image Shooting Mode"

Turn on PC Remote to connect Sony camera to the Pixy SM

Select MENU → [Network] → [Transfer/Remote] → [PC Remote Function] → [On]

In addition, when the camera need to use the USB port to connect, you need to switch USB Mode to PC Remote.

Select MENU → [Setup] → [USB] → [USB Connection Mode] → [PC Remote]

2. Set up the camera to transmit HDMI signals while record.

Sony A7R4 and Sony A7R4A had some limitation in record video, the sensor shut down the signal from the HDMI port. However, Sony A7R5 has overcome those limitation.

Setting the parameters to transmit the video from HDMI with 1080p port resolution. After that, choose the mode to allow record video while transmit signals to HDMI output.

Select MENU → [External Output] → [HDMI Output Settings] → [Output Resolution] → [1080p]. From [HDMI Output Settings] → [Rec. Media dur HDMI Output] → [On].

Note: to see camera parameters information, please follow these steps: From [External output] → [HDMI Info. Display] → [On].

Additionally, convert the video recording image format to NTSC so that the Pixy-SM's HDMI port is possible to read the framerate of the HDMI port from the camera. A notification about the format will appear video recording when you turn on the camera.

SELECT MENU → [Setup] → [Area/Date] → [NTSC/PAL Selector] → [Enter]

3. Set up the camera to send Hotshoe signal taking pictures

The Sony A7R5 camera has two types of photography: Mechanical Shutter and Electronic Shutter. Mechanical Shutter uses a mechanical mechanism consisting of two curtains that open and close at a preset speed to take pictures. From there, create an electric pulse to stimulate Hotshoe's foot. Electronic Shutter uses mounted sensors placed in the camera to take pictures so it will not create this electric pulse.

In order for Pixy-SM to be able to accurately capture the camera's shooting time, it requires Hotshoe and signal to operate stably, Camera needs to use Mechanical Shutter mode.

SELECT MENU → [Shooting] → [Shutter/Silent] → [Shutter Type] → [Mechanical Shutter].

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