Tiny Gimbal: G-Hadron


G-Hadron Firmware version 7.7.4 Official

What's new ?

  • Add control gimbal and camera via SBUS, PPM.

  • Compatible with software Vio Payload version v1.1.0_build.12032024


  • Connect gTune when gimbal is connected to Autopilot.

  • Control gimbal in rotation limit.

Payload Firmware

Payload Vio SoM Firmware version v1.1.0

What's new?

1. The Vio payload app

  • Update to v1.0.3.6

  • Save thermal files in CSV format

  • Videosync feature

  • Control feature via SBUS/PPM/LB2 remote control

  • Upload custom AI model feature

  • Adds interval image capture

  • Check the camera parameters settings are valid

2. The Video stream app

  • Update to v1.3.0

  • Fixed crash issue when getting multiple client connections

  • Allow user can change the stream's params: resolution, bitrate, mount point and port with a config file "rtsp_stream.json" on the sd card

  • Test new version of RTSP app change config file format from txt to json

3. The Settings app

  • Update to version v1.0.7

  • Allow user to upload their custom-model (YOLO v8) to the payload

  • Add option to select "Thermal image type" for captured

  • Add tab for "Setup Remote Channels" for setting the channel to control the payload with SBUS/PPM

4. The AI plugin

  • Update to version v1.4.0


Gremsy Flash Tools version v1.1.725

What's new?


gTune v1.4.9.3

What's new?

  • Detect gimbal AEVO when connecting gTune Desktop to gimbal

  • Add button import PROFILES gimbal

App gTune

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