Q 1: What is the main difference between Gremsy H7 and Gremsy T7?

  • The T7 is the upgraded version of the T3V3, not H7. It comes with more advanced design than H7 as listed below:
    • Higher maximum carrying capacity up to 7lbs
    • Pan rotation 660 degrees with home position
    • HDMI Hyper Quick Release – Hot swap connection, more safety when mounting gimbal under drone, HDMI transmission and more.

Q 2: What is the main difference between Gremsy T3 and Gremsy T7?

  • The T3 and T7 have the same integrated electronics design like board, encoder, … However, the T7 has stronger motors and a wider camera cage to mount larger cameras.

Q 3: Does the T7 use the same quick release as the T3?

  • Yes, it uses the same quick release as the T3V3 does.

Q 4: Which quick release does Gremsy T7 use?

  • The Gremsy T7 uses the HDMI Hyper Quick Release, the same quick release as T3V3 and S1V3 do.

Q 5: Is the Gremsy series waterproof?

  • No. The system, motors, and other electronic equipment are not waterproof.

Q 6: How many operation modes does the T7 have and how do I switch between the modes?

  • Gremsy T7 supports 2 types of operation: Normal, Inverted Operation.

Q 7: What’s included in the package of Gremsy T7?

The Gremsy T7 package includes:
  • 1x Gremsy T7 gimbal
  • 1x HDMI Hyper Quick Release
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x T7 cable set
  • 1x Slide Camera
  • 2x Camera Srews

Q 8: How much does Gremsy T7 weigh?

  • It weighs 1.86 kg/ 4 lbs.

Q 9: What kind of cameras does the T7 support?

  • There are 8 AUX pins and 12V – 1A output power on the AUX port.

Q 10: Does it supply the power for the camera/third party?

  • It currently supports cameras with a
    • Maximum depth of 150 mm (measured from the center of gravity),
    • Maximum height of 130mm ( up to 170mm with extension bar )
    • Maximum width : 180mm
    • Maximum payload of T7 is 3.18 kgs (7 lbs).