Firmware and Software

This page update the latest fimrware and software version for Pixy S


gremsyPixyS_v773_Official Latest

Release Note:

Date: 04/06/2023

Gremsy Firmware v773 Official

What's new?

NOTE: Gyro MUST be calibrated after upgrading completely. Open gTune --> SETTINGS --> GYRO --> CALIBRATE

NOTE: Users should load the recommended gimbal parameters and perform an AUTO-TUNE process. Open gTune --> SETTINGS --> STIFFNESS --> AUTOTUNE

NOTE: Please use the latest gTune Desktop version at

What's new?

  • Add MAVLink integration into the Ardupilot system (AP version 4.3 and above).

  • Add gimbal control over MAVLink and gTune connection in COM2, COM4, and micro USB ports.

  • Support multiple gimbal control (BETA).

  • Add Autotune Stiffness, and Hold Strength parameters (BETA).

  • Add MAVLink router.


  • Improve gimbal control response with remote controller.

  • Improve gimbal control logic with MAVLink.

  • Improve motor control efficiency.

Fix bugs



gTuneDesktop v1.4.9.1 - Official Latest

Release Note:

Date: 04/06/2023

What new ?

  • Detect gimbal pixyS when connect with gTuneDesktop

  • Add button import PROFILES gimbal


  • Fix error when connecting gimbal AEVO with gTuneDesktop v1.4.9.0


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