Q 1: What's the difference between T3V3 and T3/T3V2?

  • New I/O and Quick Release design.

  • HDMI Supported.

  • AUX 9 signals

  • Built-in 14.5V BEC : you can use the battery from drone (15 - 52V) to power gimbal via Power port connection (more safety and stable power source).

  • 20% stronger in motor power of T3V3 than T3/T3V2

Q 2: Can I use my old T3/T3V2 and T3V3 in the same quick release?

  • No, but you can use an adapter to mount the T3/T3V2 on T3V3 quick release. Note: this adapter just supports mounting on new quick release, the new function of T3V3 will not apply.

Q 3: How much weight can the T3V3 hold?

  • Maximum payload of T3V3 is 1.7kg (3.7 lbs).

Q 4: How many signals of T3V3 AUX port?

  • It has 9 signals.

Q 5: What's the input power of T3V3?

  • T3V3 allows wide range power from drone 15-52V.

Q 6: How many operation modes does the T3V3 have and how do I switch between the modes?

  • Gremsy T3 supports 2 types of operation: Normal and Inverted Operation. The Operation type will be automatically detected when power gimbal.

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