Pixy F


What's new?

  • Support gimbal control with MAVLink Gimbal Protocol V2.

  • Gimbal control with gSDK and MAVSDK.

  • Control gimbal in Earth Frame.


  • Improve motion generators.

  • Improve remote control.

  • Improve external remote control when connecting MAVLink.

Fix bugs

Link gSDK:

Note: Gyro must be calibrated after upgrading completely.

Open gTune --> SETTINGS --> GYRO --> CALIBRATE

Note: Gimbal should be re-tuned after upgrading completely.

Open gTune --> SETTINGS --> STIFFNESS and adjust parameters.

Open gTune --> SETTINGS --> CONTROLS

gTune v1.4.9.1

05 - 05 - 2023

What's new?

  • Detect gimbal AEVO when connecting gTune Desktop to gimbal

  • Add button import PROFILES gimbal

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