Q 1: How about the camera cage of Gremsy S1V3?

  • It currently supports cameras with a maximum depth of 65 mm (measured from the center of gravity), a maximum height of 75 mm, and a maximum width of 120 mm. The maximum payload of the S1 is 750grams (1.6 lbs).

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Q 2: What kind of cameras does Gremsy S1V3 support?

  • Gremsy S1 Camera Compatibility List (non-comprehensive list):

    • Flir Duo Pro R, Flir Duo, Flir Vue, Flir Vue Pro, Flir Vue Pro R

    • Workswell Wiris Pro, CWSI, Security, Gen2, Mini.

    • Thermal Capture Fusion, Fusion Zoom · Keii HL2-640

    • Micasense RED Edge, RED Edge M, Autum

    • Sony DSC-QX10, DSC-QX30

    • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

    • Sony A5xxx series, A6xxx series, RX100 (III - V) (limited lens)

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Q 3: Does Gremsy S1V3 support HDMI signals?

  • Yes, The S1 is integrated with Micro HDMI inside.

Q 4: Does Gremsy S1V3 support power cameras?

Yes, The S1 is integrated 14.5- 2A output power for powering camera and third devices.

Q 5: Which trigger devices do you recommend?

  • Seagull #REC

  • Intelli-G long range

  • Airpixel Entire

Q 6: Does Gremsy S1 support trigger signals?

  • Yes, Gremsy S1 supports AUX ports to connect the camera to the trigger of the third party in clean setup.

Q 7: Is it difficult to balance the gimbal and camera?

  • No. Changing the setup for different camera arrangements is quick and simple.

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