ErrorDescriptionHow to resolve it?

No payload connection

Not found the payload on the Pilot app

  • Check gimbal power

  • Reboot gimbal

No SD card connection

Payload connected but cannot trigger camera by shutter button

  • Check and reconnect the SD card on gimbal

  • Format SD card as exFat or FAT32

No Hotshoe connection

Payload connected but Hotshoe icon is gray ( not connected)

  • Check the cable connection and Hotshoe connection

No GPS log file after flight

Not found the GPS log after mission complete

  • The flight attitude must be above 50m

  • Below 50m log file will be not created.

  • Support all attitude from version 3.0

Lost Image

Few image is lost during the mission

Due to the SD card write speed too low

Recommend SD card with 299mb write speeds or higher

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