Step 1: Access to the boot mode of Zio

  • Power on ZIO

  • Plug-in USB-C cable on the camera side.

  • Press Reset button

Step 2: Upgrade firmware

GremsyFlashTools app supports update with file ".zip" and ".7z"

  • Download file zip file for ZIO

  • After downloading the zip file, extract this file and make sure that The Firmware folder includes two files “setting.json” and “upgrade.7z”. These files must be in the same folder


  • Do not save the folder on Network Drive

  • Do not rename the folder or files. If you want to move the files to another place, copy the whole folder.

  • The firmware folder link must not have space (blank) or special characters. Ex: link on the picture above.

Open the Gremsy Flash tool then choose “Payload Zio”.

Choose “OPEN FILE” and browse the “upgrade.7z” firmware file or whole ".zip" file

On the Gremsy Flash Tool, choose “CHECK DEVICE” and then the connection successfully will show

Choose “FLASH PAYLOAD ZIO” and wait for 3 -5 minutes for the process to complete:

Step 3: Remember to exit boot mode after upgrading

  • Plug-out USB-C from the payload

  • Reset the power or press the Reset button


The firmware folder name has space (blank)

This problem will be fixed when saving the folder where the path has no spaces or special characters.

Example: C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\PixySM300_SoM_Firmware\Pixy_SM_v2.1.0.38 (no spaces and special characters)

Lost file setting.json

This error will be fixed by extracting the firmware again and not moving the files contained in the folder after decompression.

During the loading process, if there are other errors, please capture the error code and contact our support team by email: [email protected]

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